Spring in Michigan is like a rebirth. The winter puts everything to sleep and Spring is the rebirth and in Michigan it’s a sight to behold.

After a long winter, Spring always inspires me. April 2013 I started helicopter flying lessons and this April I started Trumpet lessons. I’ve always wanted to sing or play an instrument. The world is not ready for my singing yet but possibly a Trumpet.

Years ago I picked up on a Japanese word ” kaizen” it means, every day you must make an improvement in your life. It can be big or ever so small but it must be an improvement.

30 days of trumpet, every day a little better than before.

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Looting is a Response, Not an Opportunity

Looting is illegal, primal and everyone even remotely involved should be arrested and punished, including those whom incite the riots and lawlessness.
It is sickening that anyone would attempt to give an excuse for looting other than its a crude and criminal act period.

Scott Woods Makes Lists

We need to reexamine looting.

Regarding its critics, let me start by saying that, at the level of determining solid community building options, critics of looting are right: it’s not productive. What is built from looting? Not much. Certainly nothing in the concrete world. On top of that, looting is illegal. It is against the law to break into a building and take what’s inside of it out. I don’t think anybody is confused about that, or believes that taking things out of a liquor store or burning down a Little Caesars should be confused with an urban renewal initiative. None of this, however, means that looting has no merit as an act.

Looting is a response, not an opportunity. Looting doesn’t randomly happen. Looting is what happens after something else has happened to a group of people that feel disenfranchised. There are not bands of random black people running…

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Ok it’s time to focus on the mostly great people and things in the USA instead of the few bad.

I’m tired of the focus on the few bad people, idiots, undeserving, unmotivated freeloaders.
Reality is there are way more, the majority by far, amazing people, of all ages in the USA.
These people are a delight to behold and have received far to little attention if not recognition for simply being awake, alert, motivated, curious, courageous and independent thinkers. These folks don’t need nor would they accept a free ride on the backs of anyone.
It’s time we focus on the good not the bad. There is little hope for the bad and our future depends upon and will be great because of the good.

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